Written Press:

(17/05/2016) Article published in HDC-Grower magazine entitled "At the root of stress resistance", distributed across the horticultural industry in UK pdf download


(03/12/2015) Article published in different e-platforms on post-harvest dealing with the ROOTOPOWER local workshop held in Cartagena (Murcia) pdf download


http://www.poscosecha.com/ (Spanish version)

http://www.postharvest.biz/ (English version)

(01/12/2015) Article published in the SEB Bulletin October 2015 based on an interview to the coordinator during the SEB Prague 2015 pdf download


(07/10/2015) Article published in the Chronica Horticulturae (volume 55, number 3, September 2015) dealing with the ROOTOPOWER local industry workshop held within the Cucurbits2015 in Cartagena (Murcia) pdf download


(13/09/2015) Article published in the e-Magazine for Fruit Growing of the Spanish Horticom Platfom dealing with the ROOTOPOWER local industry workshop held in Cartagena (Murcia)


(30/06/2015) Article published in the Newsletter of the American Society of Plants Biologists on the ROOTOPOWER school workshop held in Murcia pdf download


(15/04/2015) Article published in the Spanish newspaper La Verdad on the ROOTOPOWER school workshop held in Murcia pdf download


(15/04/2015) Article published in the blog of the American Society of Plants Biologists on the ROOTOPOWER school workshop held in Murcia


(02/09/2013, issue n. 32) Article published in the EPSO Newsletter pdf download


(15/03/2013 issue n. 1, volume 26) Article published in the SECH Newsletter pdf download

http://www.sech.info/images/stories/pdf/publicaciones/boletines/vol. 26.pdf

(22/10/2012, issue n. 34) Article published in the SOL Newsletter pdf download


(22/05/2012) Article published in the Spanish newspaper La Verdad pdf download


(23/01/2012) Article published in the Spanish newspaper La Verdad




(6/2/2012) Interview broadcast by La7 News

(6/2/2012) Interview broadcast by La7 News

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International workshops:

2nd Rootopower International Workshop – Brisbane (Australia)

The 2nd Rootopower workshop was focused on vegetable grafting and its title was "Understanding the Power of Root Traits for Producing More with Less". It was jointly organized with the XXIX International Horticultural Congress (IHC) that took place in Brisbane, Australia, from the 17th to the 22nd August 2014. The Rootopower workshop (number 13) was held on Wednesday 20th. This successful event gathered delegates from different disciplines around the world, who had the opportunity to actively intervene during the presentations given by ROOTOPOWER partners. Delegates raised interesting discussions and provided a lot of positive and enthusiastic feedback.

More information about the workshop is available at: http://www.ihc2014.org/workshops.html#13

The workshop programme is available here

The abstracts of project partners are downloadable in the section "Communications" of this webpage

Photo 1 - Welcoming by the Coordinator, Dr. Francisco Pérez Alfocea.


Photo 2 - Work package sessions


1st Rootopower International Workshop – Murcia (Spain)

The 1st Rootopower workshop, entitled "Phenotyping, Physiology and Genetics of Rootstock-Mediated Tolerance to Soil Abiotic Stresses in Tomato" was successfully held within the framework of the I COST Action FA1204 Annual Conference on "Exploiting Root-to-Shoot Communication for Improving Yield Stability and Fruit Quality in Vegetable Crops", from the 12th to the 14th November 2013 in Murcia, Spain. This conference-workshop provided participants with useful insights into the vegetable grafting research carried out at present, as well as the opportunity to allow fruitful exchanges and further collaborations. With this workshop, Rootopower partners were able to present their research work carried out within the framework of the project to lead scientists worldwide (United States, China, Israel, Turkey, France or Germany, among others).

More information about the workshop is available at: http://www.vegetablegrafting.unitus.it/index.php/meetings-and-conferences/murcia.html

The workshop programme is available here

The abstracts of project partners are downloadable in the section "Communications" of this webpage

Photo 1 - Group picture gathering participants of the conference-workshop.


Photo 2 - Introduction to the EU-ROOTOPOWER project at the beginning of the workshop by the project coordinator


General public activities and local workshops:

(09/12/2015) Rootopower local workshop for horticultural industry stakeholders within the "Light Event"

On December 9, 2015, the growers' organisation LTO Glaskracht Nederland and Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture organised the "Light Event". At this meeting, the production factor "light" was the central theme, and the various ways in which light can be used as effectively as possible and the ways in which this light use can be monitored. The "Light Event" was visited by over 80 growers, plant breeders and propagators, extension workers researchers, and staff from companies from the horticultural supply industry. During this day, four greenhouse trials were shown and explained to the visitors. After these visits, the audience could attend several workshops. Among them, Anja Dieleman (Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture) and Sander Pot (PlantDynamics) organised the workshop entitled "Measuring photosynthesis to increase the light use efficiency". Within the framework of this ROOTOPOWER workshop, fundamental principles of photosynthesis were explained, the options to measure crop photosynthesis in situ and the practical applications for greenhouse horticulture. In particular, Anja Dieleman highlighted the fact that the rate of photosynthesis can vary depending on the genotype used.

Photo -  Rootopower local workshop for horticultural industry stakeholders within the “Light Event”


(29/09/2015) Rootopower local workshop for industry stakeholders and government representatives

With the aim of disseminating the goals and outcomes of ROOTOPOWER, a local workshop was organized by the project partners from Çukurova University. This workshop was held in Adana on the 29th September 2015 and involved the participation of representatives of seed and nursery companies, researchers from governmental organisations in agriculture, growers and academicians from various departments and units of the Cukurova University. The workshop programme included presentations by the ROOTOPOWER members from Çucurova University and the representatives of governmental organisations and the private sector. After these presentations, a fruitful round table about the potentials and pitfalls of grafted vegetable production both in the region and the country was held. Research and production greenhouses from some of the workshop industry participants were visited, too.

Photo 1 - Local Workshop


Photo 2 - Local Workshop


(24/09/2015) Rootopower participation in a local workshop for industry stakeholders

Miriam Gifford, from the University of Warwick (UW), represented ROOTOPOWER at the British Tomato Growers annual conference “Your Environment for Growth”. The conference, from 23-24 September 2015, was held at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwickshire, with over 200 participants in attendance. These came from a wide range of industries including researchers, tomato growers, seed firms, and trade industries supplying the growers. Talks included a consumer panel expert talking about tomato price and availability, researchers and agri-consultants on the effects of pesticides and pollinators, and PhD students in the horticulture sector discussing their research on yield and diseases. Companies interested in producing or using novel varieties, or those in precision agriculture, were very interested in the environment x variety effects that ROOTOPOWER partners are studying.

Photo 1 - Workshop Cucurbits 2015


Photo 2 - Workshop Cucurbits 2015


(26/06/2015) Rootopower local workshop for industry stakeholders

With the occasion of the V ISHS International Symposium on Cucurbits 2015 held in Cartagena (Murcia, Spain) from 22 to 26 June, a technical workshop focused on plant rootstocks was organised under the framework of ROOTOPOWER. After the presentation of the project by the Coordinator, Francisco Pérez-Alfocea, industry representatives had the opportunity to share their experiences in the field of rootstock research, novel techniques and future trends in this field. The participation of private companies in this technical session was a key aspect to get first-hand knowledge on the present situation in the industry sector.

Photo 1 - Workshop Cucurbits 2015


Photo 2 - Workshop Cucurbits 2015


(26/03/2015) Rootopower school workshop held in the Primary School 'Maristas'

CEBAS-CSIC team members organized and held an educational workshop in the Primary School 'Maristas' (Murcia, Spain) on the 26th March. Under the title "Vegetables do not grow in the fridge: scientists for one day", children were able to understand the physiology and importance of plants for our lives.

After a basic presentation dealing with the life cycle of plants, their functions and parts, the photosynthesis and the role of scientists, children were taught to graft tomato plants as a primary rootstock-evaluation method. Apart from this, they were also shown the roots of several species cultivated hydroponically, plants subject to different stresses (salt stress, light stress and control conditions) and blue tomato plants. A time lapse video showing the difference in scion growth of two grafted plants was specifically prepared for this activity.

[General presentation] [Time lapse video] [How to graft tomato plants]

Photo 1 - Workshop held in the Primary School


Photo 2 - workshop held in the Primary School


(29/07/2014) Rootopower participation in the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF)

On the 29th July 2014, a group of 29 students taking part in LIYSF came to Cranfield University. They were representing some of the brightest young minds from 19 countries including New Zealand, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Nigeria and Indonesia. The visit provided an excellent opportunity to showcase Cranfield's expertise to an international audience who may be looking for postgraduate education in the future. The ROOTOPOWER representative working at Cranfield, Andrew Thompson, talked to the students about the project and the widespread use of grafting in the production of tomatoes and melons, as well as the use of new sequencing technology to identify all the genetic differences between different tomato plants.

Photo - ROOTOPOWER participation in the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF)


(03/04/2014) Technical visits of the tomato and horticulture industry to the Rootopower experiments in the UCL aeroponics phenotyping platform

Representatives of the public applied horticulture research group of the research centre located at Kruyshoutem (Gent, Belgium) visited the UCL aeroponics installation. During this meeting, many practical details of the growing system and the ROOTOPOWER project were discussed. This activity was really useful for disseminating the project among industry stakeholders and establish contacts for further collaboration in the field of sustainable horticulture. These visits have been regularly held with other research groups and companies, such as the Pebble group.

Photo 1 - UCL aeroponics phenotyping platform


Photo 2 - UCL aeroponics phenotyping platform


(22-11-2013 to 24-11-2013) Rootopower participation during the XII Week of Science

During the XII Week of Science held in Murcia (Spain), Rootopower representatives from CEBAS-CSIC explained to the general public, especially primary and secondary students, the main goals of the project and the usefulness of this research to deal with the predicted impacts of climate change and to overcome the consequences of unsustainable agricultural practices that are causing soil degradation and depleting natural resources. As a practical activity, students were shown how to graft tomato plants.

Photo 1 - XII Week of Science


Photo 2 - XII Week of Science